Downtime Protection:
A simple fact of the modern technical age IT equipment fails. We're here to make that down time minimal to your business functionality.

Customer Attention:
When you call us, you aren't talking to someone overseas. You get per- sonalized service with the same technician. This is important in today's small business communications. Our clients get comfort- able in knowing and understanding the same technician in return, the technician learns your network and understands what is needed to keep it running efficiently.

IT Services...

Catering to our Clients
For small businesses to succeed in today's competitive market, it is almost a necessity to have a computer system. And not only a computer, but one that is connected to the Internet (World Wide Web), and one with it's own business web site. Unfortunately, the purchase of a computer and getting a connection to the Internet doesn't just end there. Like many other electronic and mechanical machinery in this environment, they require maintenance and administration to keep them functioning properly.

For us at Personal IT Services, our clients are the most important asset in our business. Therefore we provide them with our knowledge base of technical support and experience to help them succeed in their business. This includes all aspects of small business support; from consultations to removing spyware from an infected computer system; from designing a new computer network, to ongoing IT support...

Business Web Sites
Competitive businesses also have to deal with creating and maintaining a web site as a means of doing business in today's technological age. Business websites not only provide a vehicle as an electronic store, but it also is a great method to publish what it is that your business does. A custom web site can literally bring in thousands of "visitors" to discover who you are and what your business objective is. It's the "next generation" of the business card!

Listed below are a small sample of the IT Services that we provide. You can click on those highlighted in blue to read more information on that topic.

  • System Installations
    • Computer and Networking Systems
    • Consultation and Recommendation
    • System Research and Network Design
    • System Acquisition Assistance
    • Custom Assembly and Setup
    • Full System Configuration
    • Migration From Old Systems

  • Home Office or Small Business Networking
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Wired or Wireless Networking
    • Router/Switch Installations
    • Firewall Configurations

  • Other IT Services
    • System Maintenance Administration
      • User Account Administration
      • Software Installations
      • Software Removal & Cleanup
      • System Checks
      • Virus, Spyware and Spam Management
      • Firewall Management
      • Data Backups
      • Desktop, Laptop & Server Management
      • E-Mail Account Administration
      • Personalized Training

    • Small Business Web Sites
      • Domain Registration & Maintenance
      • Domain E-Mail Accounts
      • Web Site Design & Development
      • Web Based Database Applications
    • Specialized Training
      • Software
      • Web Browsing
      • E-Mail
      • CD/DVD Burning