System Installations:
• Consultations
• Recommendations
• System Research
• Network Design
• System Acquisition
• Custom Assembly
• Tailored Setup
• System Configuration

New System Acquisitions:
We involve our clients in the purchasing phase of buying new computers for their business – therefore guaranteeing that they know exactly what they are paying for equipment – no hidden charges.

System Installations...

From Initial Consultation to Implementation
We are experienced with the full process of system installations for the home office and small business locations. Starting with the initial consultation, through the design and development of a business plan, to the full system setup and configuration (and then some), we offer full support of all phases of the process.

No Hidden Charges
Our business is geared towards offering our clients the best possible service. And that's what we do — provide a service — to research, design, configure and implement small business computer systems (among other things).

Because we are service based and not resellers, we try to refrain from getting involved in the actual financial purchase of hardware and/or software for our clients. This is beneficial to both our clients and to us since we involve our clients in the purchasing phase — therefore guaranteeing that our clients know exactly what they are paying for equipment — no hidden charges.

We highly recommend and support many major brands of equipment including Dell®, HP®, Epson®, Linksys®, Cisco®, Netgear®, 3Com®, and others.

Purchasing Phase
When designing a new system for your business, we do all of the research and configuration design based on your current and projected future business needs. For new computer installations, we recommend and use Dell® computers. We work out all of the details with a Dell® small business account representative to get you the best possible discounted price. After all details have been configured and a final cost has been established and approved by you, we work with Dell® to establish a new business account on your behalf (if one hasn't been established already under your business name). Then we have the order transferred to your new account. A simple phone call by you to Dell® small business accounts with the information that we provide you, finalizes the process with the financial arrangements that you make with Dell for payment. You'll know exactly how much you are paying for equipment and any additional expenses (taxes, shipping, insurance, etc.).1

Additional Hardware/Software Purchases
Outside of major equipment purchases (such as complete computer system purchases), there may be times when additional hardware or software may be required to complete your system configuration or when requested by you. We may offer to secure these parts or software on your behalf. We will bill you exactly for the cost including whatever shipping, handling, and taxes that were involved2.

1Normally, your involvement takes only a couple of minutes. However, it may take a little longer depending on the type of financial arrangements required to complete the transaction with Dell®.

2Actual receipts will be provided on request. A small service fee may also be applied to cover our time and/or mileage to obtain any products on your behalf. It will depend on how much time it took to acquire an item or if we had to travel a long distance in order to physically pick an item up. Normally however, we try our best to secure the lowest cost for you by researching the Internet and having the product shipped either directly to your business address; or to our address for delivery by us on our next visit to your location.