Routine Maintenance... a necessity in keeping computers and networks operating efficiently and effectively at their peak operating performance. Without routine servicing, systems risk premature failure of components, or have a higher risk of infection from computer viruses, spyware and adware pests. They also become bogged down due to old and unnecessary files and applications.

Routine System Maintenance Administration...

Standard Service
As a service to our clients, we offer a system maintenance package for a nominal fee. This service is provided to help maintain your systems at their peak performance levels. Just some of the procedures we perform on each system may include:

  • Disk cleanup
  • Spyware/adware checkup & removal
  • Anti-Virus checkup & analysis
  • System backup checkup1
  • Hard drive checkup
  • Printer cleaning & checkup
  • Monitor cleaning & checkup
  • Wired and wireless networking checkup
  • Firewall analysis
  • Internet browser cleanup
  • OS event log analysis
  • Environment checkup
  • Device conflicts
  • Keyboard cleaning & inspection
  • Mouse cleaning & inspection
  • UPS test & inspection
  • Disk Defragmentation analysis of one hard drive2

The general procedures identified above are performed at our normal hourly rates (billed in hour increments). A system will take an estimated 60 to 90 minutes3 to execute, perform analysis, and make any normal adjustments based on the results.4 Under normal average daily computer usage, these procedures are usually only required once per month. Heavier system usage may require more frequent visits. Any additional administration functions outside the scope of the procedures outlined above, or additional tasks requested by the client, can be performed at the same time at the normal hourly rate.

Extended Service
As an extended service to our clients, we also offer a system maintenance package that we recommend should be performed on all computer equipment approximately every 6 months to 1 year (depending on the environment at the office location)5. In addition to the standard maintenance items offered above, we also perform the following:

  • Internal computer cleaning6
  • Fan operation checkup
  • Power supply checkup
  • Motherboard checkup
  • Inspect PCI circuit boards
  • Cable inspection
  • Monitor degauss & alignment
  • Hard drive analysis
  • Firmware/software updates
  • Keyboard test & inspection
  • Mouse tests
  • UPS battery tests

1If a backup software was installed and automatic scheduling of unattended backups was set up by PITS. Additional charges may be incurred if a system backup is needed and performed while on site.

2Depending on the fragmentation level of the hard drive, if a full defrag of the hard drive is required, the procedure may be started and left to complete on its own since it may take several hours to complete.

3Dependent upon computer speed, age, condition, operating system, installed software, and other factors.

4This time requirement is based on an average high-end computer system running Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems. Slower, older computers and/or older operating systems may increase the time needed to complete these procedures. Also, if multiple computers are easily accessible at the same time, where multiple tasks can be occurring on different computers simultaneously, this usually will reduce the time commitment needed to complete all the administration procedures.

5A clean dust-free area will not require an extended service as often. An office environment that has a heavy content of dust, carpet fibers, animal hair, etc., may require extended maintenance more often.

6Desktop and tower systems only. This does not apply to laptop or notebook systems.