Business Marketing...
...over the Internet has exploded over the past few years. Business web sites have become a powerful tool to increase marketing acknowledge-
ment and sales.

Website Development...

A Necessary Business Tool
It's a known fact that running a successful business means advertising and sales. In today's high-tech world, one of the best marketing tools available to any business small or large, is the development and implementation of a business web site.

As an advertising tool, the business web site is an excellent source for bringing awareness to your business. Literally thousands of visitors around the globe have the ability to access your web site to discover what your business is all about.

Business websites not only provide a vehicle as an electronic store, but it also is a great method to publish what it is that your business does. A custom web site will introduce "visitors" to discover who you are and what your business objective is. It's the "next generation" of the business card!

Business Approach To E-Mail
Having a business domain name and web site creates a big positive to joining the current marketing technology of today. But in addition, having a business domain and web site also means custom e-mail addresses for your company employees. When meeting a prospective business associate for lunch, and you are asked for your business e-mail address so that they can e-mail you a document, which e-mail address below do you feel would make a bigger impression to the prospective client?



If you think the later choice gives the impression to the prospective business client that you are part of a professional're right! It says a lot to the business community when you have established a business web site and e-mail addresses for all your employees.

What We Can Do For You
As one of the available services from Personal IT Services, we can custom design a web site tailored specifically to your business. We will work with you at any stage of web site implementation from complete design & development to implementation and then continued follow-up administration; and anything in between. Some of the phases we can offer you are...
  • Securing & registering your business domain name
  • Arrange for a web hosting provider
  • Design & development of web pages
  • Setup of a shopping cart & online payment system
  • Development of backbone database structures
  • Database administration
  • Administration of e-mail accounts
  • Complete ongoing administration of your web site