Customer Focused:
Our professional services enable our clients to focus on the growth and success of their business while we focus on their immediate and future business needs.

We offer a multiple span of experience with computer and network systems, as well as graphic design & layout, to give our customers the best possible service while reducing their expenses.

About Us...

A Full Service Provider
We are small business support specialists. Simply put, we provide IT Services and Support Services to our clients. It is provided to our customers in the form of our knowledge, our skills, and our experience with computer and networking systems, as well as graphic design and layouts for professionally printed media.

We are here to support the small business owner who would rather invest their time and effort into focusing on their own business-at-hand without having to constantly worry if their computers and network are functioning at their maximum potential. We especially cater to those small business clients that may be limited in computer and networking skills, but can't substantiate the expense of hiring a full-time IT employee. We can provide these clients with services ranging from simple administration maintenance items to total continuous IT support.

We have experience with all phases of network design, equipment acquisition and installation of new systems for your home office or small business location including...

  • Consultation and Recommendations
  • System Research and Network Design
  • Hardware/Software Acquisition
  • Hardware/Software Setup and Configuration
  • Network Wiring Configuration
  • On-site Hardware Installation and Testing
  • Customer Software Installations
  • Migration Of Old Systems To New
  • Ongoing Maintenance Administration
  • Personalized Training
  • Website Design, Development and Maintenance
Please see our services page for more on what we can do for you.

We Have a Mutual Goal
It's real simple! Your goal is to succeed in business. Our goal is to help you be successful by providing you with IT services that can help keep your computer systems and network running efficiently and effectively in order to provide your business with their maximum potential. This is accomplished through a shared understanding of your business direction and your computer system needs now and the projected future.

Client satisfaction is our #1 goal! We don't know everything that's an impossible challenge but we'll give it our best effort at finding an answer to your question or a resolution to your issue. If we are dumbfounded and still can't determine your problem after making an exhaustive attempt, we will work with you to seek the assistance you need from another appropriate source.